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Título: Effectiveness of three-dimensional kinematic biofeedback on the performance of scapula-focused exercises
Autor: Antunes, Ana
Filipe, Inês
Cordeiro, Sara
Rosa, Joana
Carnide, Filomena
Matias, Ricardo
Palavras-chave: Biofeedback
Scapulothoracic Stability
Motor Relearning
Data: 2014
Citação: Antunes,A., Filipe,I.,Cordeiro,S.,Rosa,J.,Carnide,F.& Matias,R.(2014).Effectiveness of three-dimensional kinematic biofeedback on the performance of scapula-focused exercises.Proceedings of the International Conference on Physiological Computing Systems, p.173-178.
Resumo: Three-dimensional (3D) kinematic biofeedback can help identify scapular movement disorders and assist the subjects' motor relearning process by facilitating changes in physiological and biomechanical function through real-time knowledge of performance and result during or immediately after a task execution. This study assessed the effectiveness of 3D kinematic biofeedback on the quality of the scapula-focused exercises execution, and motor learning transfer during shoulder flexion and a daily activity. Thirty healthy adults with no history of shoulder pain or dysfunction were randomly distributed into two groups. Skinmounted sensors allowed tracking of the thorax, scapula and humerus, and scapulothoracic and glenohumeral 3D angles were computed after reconstructing upper-extremity motions during daily activities and exercises for different phases of a motor relearning process. The results of this study demonstrate that the execution quality of scapula-focused exercises benefits of real-time 3D kinematic biofeedback and that transfer of learning occurs with a specific motor training intervention.
Descrição: Artigo resultante do trabalho apresentado na International Conference on Physiological Computing Systems - PhyCS, 7-9 jan 2014, Lisboa, Portugal
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.26/7051
DOI: 10.5220/0004928701730178
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