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Título: 21st century Cascais:how the waves of time forged a cultural heritage also enjoyed by tourists
Autor: Carvalho, Cristina
Palavras-chave: Cascais
Cultural heritage
Lighthouse Museum
Data: Out-2012
Editora: Polytechnic Institute of Leiria
Resumo: The romans were the first seafaring visitors to reach Cascais, a place where men already lived off harvesting the ocean.Throughout the centuries his proximidity to Lisbon turned it into a focal point for the military defence of the capital, and the warning of seafarers against costal perils. As a strategic landmark, Cascais was one of the first towns in Portugal to have a permanent lighthouse, and the town chosen by King Luís as the country's first costal resort. Currently, many are the cultural resources available to tourists that reflect the reformulation of facilities and heritage for the sake of tourism. A lighthouse was recently converted into first museum of its kind, and the Sea Museum displays archaeological and ethnographic items, while Tourism and services have replaced fishing as important activities of the town. the sea is also represented on artistic pavements, while formeraristocratic residences have been converted into hotels, and a conventinto a cultural centre. Folk devotion still honours Our Lady´s protection to fishermen with outdoor events, while its citadel has lost its military purpose, in order to host several "genres" of open-air initiatives. In gastronomic terms, along withfish dishes, the "Areias de Cascais" are butter cookies spinkled with sugar that also recall the town´s sandy beaches.
Peer review: yes
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ISSN: ISSN 2182-4916
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