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Título: Multi-machine topology versus monolithic switched reluctance machine in low speed applications
Autor: Lobato, Pedro
Dente, J. A.
Martins, J. F.
Pires, A. J.
Palavras-chave: Low Speed Energy Converters
Multi-machine topology
Scale Models
Switched Reluctance Generator
Data: Set-2018
Resumo: In regards to SR machines design, there are a multiplicity of feasible topologies, differentiated by the properties of the electrical and magnetic circuits, and their relative location. A feasible SRG topology for an energy converter can comprise a series of n-SR machines assembled on a common axis. Comparing with a monolithic SR machine, that mono-axial multi-machine topology shows a higher fault tolerance and a simpler maintenance. The proposed scale models methodology makes it easy to incorporate in comparison of SR topologies other physical phenomena such as thermal effect and magnetic saturation by introducing some constraints. With the comparison of topologies, the issues surrounding the design of low speed SR multi-machine topology are discussed, leading into consideration monolithic topologies. The monolithic topology can optimize the efficiency taking benefits from the gain of power per unit of copper mass and lower losses.
Descrição: Trabalho apresentado em 53rd International Universities Power Engineering Conference, 4-7 setembro, Glasgow, Escócia
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.26/24157
Aparece nas colecções:IPS - ESTS – DEE - Comunicações em congressos

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