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Título: Contribution to the knowledge of Euzophera pinguis Haworth biology in Alentejo (Portugal)
Autor: Patanita, Maria Isabel
Palavras-chave: Euzophera pingüis
Monitoring sexual pheromone
Olive grove
Data: 2010
Citação: Patanita, M. (2010). Contribution to the knowledge of Euzophera pinguis Haworth biology in Alentejo (Portugal). Presented in Working Group “Integrated Protection of Olive Crops”. Proceedings of the meeting at Cordoba (Spain), 01 – 04 June, 2009. Edited by Argyro Kalaitzaki & Konstantinos Minachilis. ISBN 978-92-9067-233-3, pp. 47-50
Resumo: The pest, Euzophera pingüis Haworth is an enemy of the olive grove whose attacks have been a great concern for the last few years, in some Portuguese regions, namely in Alentejo. The recent availability of the sexual pheromone of synthesis for this species constitutes a relevant aspect in the protection of the olive grove on account of its potentialities in the identification of the periods of risk. The curve of the flight of the insect was studied aiming at getting information about these periods and it was obtained with the help of funnel traps, in an olive grove in Baixo Alentejo. The study occurred between 2004 and 2006, in a young olive grove located in the “Herdade dos Lameirões”. The analysis of the data shows variations in the line of the curve, during the Spring until the middle of Summer, with peaks of capture of variable intensity in different periods (beginning or end of May, mid June, mid July and beginning of September), suggesting overlaps of distinct generations. However, in any of the analysed situations there was a peak of captures in the beginning of September.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.26/1331
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