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Autor: AA.VV.
Palavras-chave: Photography
Modern Architecture
Arquitetura Moderna
Teófilo Rego
Data: Abr-2015
Citação: PHOTOGRAPHY & MODERN ARCHITECTURE. CONFERENCE PROCEEEDINGS / Edited by Alexandra Trevisan, Maria Helena Maia and César Machado Moreira. Porto: CEAA, 2015, 362 pág.
Resumo: Architecture and photography have maintained a close relation since the inception of the photographic field. Investigating the nature of this relations as well as identifying the fabric of their multidimensional dialogues constitutes an extremely rich field of research, one that has been gaining ever more relevance in actual agenda. Starting from CEAA’s currently unfolding research project – Photography, Modern Architecture and the 'School of Oporto', Interpretions around Teófilo Rego Archive (FAMEP) – this conference aims to understand possible configurations of the relations emerging from the fields of Architecture and Photography as well as from their respective histories and theories. It is therefore our propose to explore privileged relationships between photographers and architects, uses of photographic imagery and its associations with architecture, practices of architectural representation in their associations with photography and the appropriation of the photographic medium by the architect. Assemble a theoretical body of knowledge having for its foundations common arguments between architecture and photography – e.g. the cases of spatial issues or the use of light as a conceptual tool – as well as any case studies and different readings of architectonic and photographic experiments are also some of our goals.
Peer review: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.26/10126
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