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Título: Adaptação cultural e validação da escala “falls efficacy scale” de Tinetti
Autor: Melo, Cristina Argel de
Data: Jan-2011
Citação: Melo, C.A. (2011). Adaptação cultural e validação da escala “falls efficacy scale” deTtinetti. Ifisionline, 1(2).
Resumo: Introduction: Fear of falling is a health problem as serious as falls, a construct that needs to be assessed, understood and treated in a specific way. Objective: To culturally adapt and validate the "Falls Efficacy Scale" from Tinetti. Methods: The instrument used for the adaptation and validation was the 'Falls Efficacy Scale (FES) from Tinetti. Linguistics and Semantic Equivalence was performed using a panel of translators, Content Equivalence was achieved through ordinary people judgments (n = 12) aged> 65 years, through a "Comprehension Test" followed by a judges panel. For Construct Validity it was included the following five questions: (1) "Do you exercise regularly," (2) "Do you feel any decrease in your balance", (3) "Are you afraid of falling, (4)" Fear of falling prevents you from carrying out any activity "and (5)" Did you suffer any fall in the last twelve months". Criterion validity was assessed through Functional Status Questionnaire (FSQ), using physical function scale, adapted and validated for Portuguese population. Test-retest reliability and internal consistency of the scale were also analyzed. Results: Test-retest reliability showed an ICC = 0.95. For internal consistency it was found α of Cronbach= 0.88. The scale had construct, content and criterion validity with a relationship of r = 0.66 (p <0.05) with the FSQ. Conclusion: Falls Efficacy Scale was adapted and validated to Portuguese by the name of the Portuguese version Falls Efficacy Scale.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.26/8721
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