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Título: Educators as Change Agents : An Interpretation proposal for the Marquis of Pombal Palace, in Oeiras
Autor: Carvalho, Cristina
Brito, Luis
Palavras-chave: Heritage Interpretation
Interpretação do património
Pombal Palace
Palácio Marquês de Pombal
Guias intérpretes
Tourist Guides
Data: 1-Dez-2017
Editora: Roskilde Universitet
Resumo: The authors are both lecturers at Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies and tourist guides in Portugal. One of the visits they usually perform with the students in the context of their lessons is exactly to Pombal palace, an 18th century Baroque summer residence located in Oeiras, 10 km away from Lisbon. This paper starts with a theorethical approach on interpretation, followed by an historic presentation of the palace and its main areas, and some suggestions for the interpretation of palace and gardens. Therefore, the article aims at granting propositions that might be applied to assist guides, tour operators and the venue’s managers to prepare (complementary) general and theme tours, and host niche markets to fully grasp the cultural resource’s charisma and ambience. Weiler and Black (2015) claim that guides resort to many interpretative media, such as drama, storytelling and narratives, in order to creative more persuasive tours. All in all, both interpretation narratives and techniques leading to mental time travel are key to the clients’ understanding of a site’s evolving identity, especially when complemented with the teasing of the visitors’ senses as one shall reveal. Conclusions stress that appropriate and effective competence on interpretation techniques allied to professional practice and theoretical background during the education of students are pivotal to shape the future of guided tours.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.26/22961
ISBN: 978-87-7349-912-2
Versão do Editor: https://rucforsk.ruc.dk/ws/portalfiles/portal/60537931
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