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Título: Chemico-physical studies for sampling of Medieval and Post-medieval majolicas from primary italian centres
Autor: Carriveaux, G.W.
Bojani, G.C.
Krajewski, A.
Ravaglioli, A.
Palavras-chave: Cerâmica
Idade Média
Idade Moderna
Data: 1991
Resumo: Following up a previous work by same authors, some interesting biunivocal relations between certain contained elements present in traces were individuated in a considerable quantity of samples, mostly from the Faenza and Firenze area with many pieces from other sites. The correspondences specifically concerned two straight lines showing a clearly distinct relationship between the Cerium content and the Hf, Co, Fe, La and Th one. Further relations were determined, some by demonstrating their separability always into two straight lines, though less reliably, while into two straight lines, though less reliably, while in other cases the relationships pointed to a line alone. The Cerium content consequently appears a good statistical estimator parameter in order to discriminate preliminarily the place of origin. We defined by convention one of the lines as the Florence one (because quite all the samples from Florence are located along it) in the same way as always by convention and always for the same reasons the other line was previously defined as the Faenza one. Along the Florence line were grouped samples from three sites (Florence, Urbino, Palermo) while the other line was determined by all the remaining sites (seven). Therefore the problem concerning the separation in two groups is also that of knowing how thickly populated the two lines are with respect to the origin of samples. To confirm the observed trends we went on with the statistical survey of a wide range of samples coming from more places of origin.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.26/2165
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