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Título: Urban water infrastructure asset management plan: a practical application
Autor: Ferreira, Bruno
Carriço, Nelson
Palavras-chave: Infrastructure Asset Management
Urban Water Infrastructures
Data: Set-2017
Resumo: This paper aims the application of the Portuguese infrastructure asset management (IAM) methodology to a case study. This methodology establishes that the IAM plan should have three distinct planning levels: strategic, tactical and operational. Each one of these levels follows a five-step structured sequence: (i) definition of objectives, assessment criteria, metrics and targets; (ii) diagnosis; (iii) plan elaboration, along with the identification, comparison and selection of alternative solutions; (iv) plan implementation; (v) plan monitoring and review. The paper will focus, mainly in steps (i) to (iii) and to the tactical level of planning. Results obtained are discussed and the main conclusions are presented.
Descrição: Trabalho apresentado no 15th Computing and Control in the Water Industry (CCWI2017), 5-7 de setembro 2017, Sheffield, Reino Unido
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.26/18938
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