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Título: Mapping the intellectual capital of cities and regions
Autor: Vairinhos, Valter
Palavras-chave: cities,regions,intellectual capital
Data: 2015
Resumo: Contemporary cities or regions have complex challenges that require ongoing monitoring enabling intelligent answers in an appropriate period of time. There are many studies that indicate that this monitoring should take into account not only the tangible assets, but also the assets of intellectual capital. Several authors consider that these are the assets that are crucial either in sustainable innovation processes either in the process of developing the necessary reputation for building strong brands, able to attract talented people and investments. Based on the literature review and preliminary studies that compare the metrics for evaluating the intellectual capital of companies with the intellectual capital of the countries, this paper presents a theoretical model supporting the auditing and the mapping of intellectual capital management of cities and regions. This process is based on the creation of sensors for monitoring the intellectual capital and on the evaluation of how these are managed so as to support the decision making of the decision-makers and economic policy-makers. With this paper we intend to broaden the discussion on the importance of the decision makers of the strategies of cities or regions to support their choices on criteria that take into account the assets of intellectual capital.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.26/18638
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