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Title: PAPEL: A lexical ontology for Portuguese
Author: Gonçalo Oliveira, Hugo
Santos, Diana
Gomes, Paulo
Seco, Nuno
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira; Diana Santos; Paulo Gomes; Nuno Seco. "PAPEL: A lexical ontology for Portuguese". Workshop on Language Resources for Teaching and Research (Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, 23 April 2008)
Abstract: PAPEL is a lexical resource for natural language processing (NLP) of Portuguese which is being built by Linguateca, based on processing a major commercial Portuguese dictionary, the Dicionário da Lí­ngua Portuguesa (DLP) developed and owned by the largest Portuguese dictionary publisher, Porto Editora. As far as we know, PAPEL is the first lexical ontology built by semi-automatic means for Portuguese. We are currently working on CAUSADOR-DE/RESULTADO-DE, TODO-DE/PARTE-DE and MEIO-PARA/FINALIDADE-DE semantic relations, that can be extracted using the PEN parser and specific grammars consisting of string patterns.
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