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Title: Giant cell glioblastoma: review of the literature and illustrated case
Author: Valle-Folgueral, JM
Mascarenhas, L
Costa, JA
Vieira, F
Soares-Fernandes, J
Beleza, P
Alegria, C
Keywords: Neoplasias Cerebrais
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Neurocirugia (Astur). 2008;19(4):343-9
Abstract: Giant cell glioblastoma is an infrequent variety of glioblastoma (5% of the cases). It has deserved a separate category in the World Health Organization classification of grade IV tumors. The clinical, imaging, histological and immunohistochemical characteristics, and the genetic alterations are reviewed. Treatment and prognosis are discussed and updated. The case of a patient that survived 19 months and died of spinal leptomeningeal metastases is illustrated.
Peer review: yes
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