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Título: Homicide, Suicide or Accident? The Importance of Forensic Autopsy in a Case of “Cafe Coronary Syndrome”
Outros títulos: Homicídio, Suicídio ou Acidente? A Importância da Autópsia Médico-Legal em um Caso de “Cafe Coronary Syndrome”
Autor: Durão, C
Carpinteiro, D
Palavras-chave: Homicídio
Medicina Forense
Data: 2015
Citação: Braz J Forensic Sci Med Law Bioethics.2015;4(3):332-6
Resumo: Determining the cause of death and its forensic etiology is crucial in forensic investigation. The autopsy should clarify and elucidate the Court in its decisions. Suicide may be ground for exclusion in insurance and in certain contracts doubles the amount paid in cases of homicide or accidents opposing natural death. This paper presents a case of death by asphyxiation as the result of an accident where an altered state of consciousness of a drunken victim made him choke with a whole steak. “Cafe Brazilian Journal of Forensic Sciences, Medical Law and Bioethics 4(3):332-336 (2015) 333 C. H. Durão & D. Capinteiro coronary” was term coined by Haugen in 1963 for sudden and unexpected death occurring during a meal due to accidental occlusion of the airway by food. It were excluded the possibilities of murder and suicide, which hitherto existed. The case provides good documentation and particular medical legal interest, confirming the importance of the autopsy and the opening of all wells, including observation of the neck organs.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.26/9002
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