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Título: The understanding of management through entrepreneurship in the degree of Social Communication
Autor: Bucha, Agostinho
Palavras-chave: Management
Learning Process
Data: Out-2013
Resumo: Nowadays, entrepreneurship is a present and active subject in the different societies where the difference lies in the levels attained, namely the social, economical, cultural and political ones. In the more developed societies, entrepreneurship is not only a business concept, but also a concept of life, in so far as it is part of a group of changes that lead on to the building of a certain development that cannot be attained at any price, but should be sustainable, that is, offer more and a better life quality to the human being, who is one of the keys to development. It is important to know how to invest in the learning process of entrepreneurs so that they acquire skills that enable them to understand the importance and the value of management in a sustainable society. In general terms, in order to stay in the market, any organization has to learn to create value to itself as well as to others. The entrepreneurship learning process must be a part of the citizen’s development process, starting off in the early years and continuing throughout the many years of the learning process. The Project has been developed with students of the last year (2012/2013) of a degree of Social Communication, with specialism areas: journalism and cultural communication (Polytechnic Institute of Setubal – Portugal), that have in this year the first approach to the subjects of management, economic and entrepreneurship. The aim is to develop and to dress the management through the entrepreneurship level and the pedagogic method is based in the OFEE ( in portuguese: Oficina de Iniciativas de Empreendedorismo e Empregabilidade) – Workshop of Entrepreneurship and Employability Initiative by Agostinho Inácio Bucha (2009), which has a methodology based on knowledge transmission through the content of six worksheets. An management learning process based on entrepreneurship has been developed, which aims at the explanation of certain knowledge that are often implicit in the performance of these pupils. 3 The worksheets deal with the following areas: - MANAGEMENT:  INTERNAL  EXTERNAL - ATTITUDE towards MANAGEMENT / MANAGER ATTITUDE - TO KNOW / TO KNOW HOW TO BE / TO KNOW HOW TO DO - MANAGEMENT CULTURE - EDUCATION / TRAINING - MANAGEMENT SKILLS / ENTERPRISING SKILLS / TECHNICAL SKILLS The Management’s level of knowledge conditions his performance and the teacher should assume a pioneer role in his learning process by teaching him to think, to analyse and to act in an autonomous and independent way.
Descrição: Comunicação apresentada no International Journal of Arts&Sciences Annual Multidisciplinary Conference at Rome,Italy, The American University of Rome, 22-25 October, 2013
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.26/6756
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