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Title: Overview of the CLEF 2004 Multilingual Question answering track
Author: Vallin, Alessandro
Magnini, Bernardo
Ayache, Christelle
Erbach, Gregor
Peñas, Anselmo
de Rijke, Maarten
Rocha, Paulo
Simov, Kiril
Sutcliffe, Richard
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: IST-CNR
Citation: Alessandro Vallin; Bernardo Magnini; Christelle Ayache; Gregor Erbach; Anselmo Peñas; Maarten de Rijke; Paulo Rocha; Kiril Simov; Richard Sutcliffe. "Overview of the CLEF 2004 Multilingual Question answering track". In Carol Peters; Francesca Borri (ed.), Cross Language Evaluation Forum: Working Notes for the CLEF 2004 Workshop (CLEF 2004) (Bath, UK, 15-17 September 2004) , Pisa, Italy: IST-CNR, s/pp; 281-294 . Revised as Vallin et al. (2005)
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