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Title: Occupational protein contact dermatitis: two case reports
Author: Rocha, J
Pereira, T
Sousa-Basto, A
Brito, C
Keywords: Dermatite de Contacto
Dermatite Ocupacional
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Hindawi
Citation: Case Report Med. 2010: 489627
Abstract: Protein contact dermatitis (PCD) is a contact dermatitis caused by high-molecular-weight proteins. This entity has been reported with increasing frequency, most commonly as occupational hand dermatitis in food handlers. Clinically, it is characterized by a chronic and recurrent dermatitis with erythema, scaling, and fissures with acute exacerbations occurring a few minutes after contact with offending allergen. We report two cases in confectioners who presented with chronic hand dermatitis.
Peer review: yes
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