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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Oct-2002Safety verification in non-linear analyses: the problem with 2nd order effects evaluationVinagre, JoãoconferenceObject; preprintopenAccess
Sep-2010Selecção de variáveis em análise discriminante discretaMarques, Anabela; Ferreira, Ana Sousa; Cardoso, MargaridaconferenceObject; preprintopenAccess
2013Selecting and adapting mathematical tasks that foster number sense development: the practice of one primary teacherDelgado, Catarina; Brocardo, Joana; Oliveira, HéliaconferenceObject; preprintopenAccess
Jul-2008Teacher's oral fedd-back and learningSantos, Leonor; Pinto, JorgepreprintopenAccess
Nov-2013The challenge of Automatic Level Generation for platform videogames based on Stories and QuestsMourato, Fausto; Birra, Fernando; Santos, Manuel Próspero dospreprintopenAccess
2002A utilização da argamassa na reparação de pilares de concreto armadoCorrêa, M. Margarida; Vinagre, João; Souza, Regina HelenaconferenceObject; preprintopenAccess
2014A web system based on a sports injuries model towards global athletes monitoringMacedo, Patrícia; Madeira, Rui Neves; Correia, André; Jardim, MarcopreprintopenAccess
20-Apr-2012Wikis & Museus: uma oportunidade de abertura das coleções à comunidadeAlvim, LuísapreprintopenAccess
May-2014Witchcraft and ‘Bitchcraft’: A Portrayal of the Witch Character in American Horror Story: CovenLopes, ElisabetepreprintopenAccess
May-2013Work characteristics, job satisfaction and wellbeing: a study based on Eurofound dataFerreira, Lina FortespreprintopenAccess