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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A metamorphic lesionRolanda, C; Gonçalves, R; Macedo, G
2012A multicenter validation of an endoscopic classification with narrow band imaging for gastric precancerous and cancerous lesionsPimentel-Nunes, P; Dinis-Ribeiro, M; Soares, JB; Marcos-Pinto, R; Santos, C; Rolanda, C; Bastos, RP; Areia, M; Afonso, L; Bergman, J; Sharma, P; Gotoda, T; Henrique, R; Moreira-Dias, L
2012Natural orifice transesophageal endoscopic surgery: state of the artMoreira-Pinto, J; Ferreira, A; Rolanda, C; Correia-Pinto, J
2011Natural orifice transluminal endoscopy surgery: A reviewMoreira-Pinto, J; Lima, E; Correia-Pinto, J; Rolanda, C
2013Oncological outcomes after endoscopic removal of malignant colorectal polypsGonçalves, BM; Fontainhas, V; Caetano, AC; Ferreira, A; Gonçalves, R; Bastos, P; Rolanda, C
2011Peroral esophageal segmentectomy and anastomosis with single transthoracic trocar: a step forward in thoracic NOTESRolanda, C; Silva, D; Branco, C; Moreira, I; Macedo, G; Correia-Pinto, J
2013Phenotypic characterization and familial risk in hyperplastic polyposis syndromeCaetano, AC; Ferreira, H; Soares, J; Ferreira, A; Gonçalves, R; Rolanda, C
2008Prosthetic Esophageal Transmural Erosion After Mesh HiatoplastyLeão, P; Carneiro, T; Oliveira, M; Luís, D; Rolanda, C; Machado, A; Pereira, P; Macedo, G; Gomes, A
2013Rare Complication: What Kind of Colitis?Caetano, AC; Gonçalves, B; Rolanda, C
2007Searching the best approach for third-generation cholecystectomyRolanda, C; Lima, E; Correia-Pinto, J
2007Third-generation cholecystectomy by natural orifices: transgastric and transvesical combined approachRolanda, C; Lima, E; Pêgo, JM; Henriques-Coelho, T; Silva, D; Moreira, I; Macedo, G; Carvalho, JL; Correia-Pinto, J
2007Third-generation nephrectomy by natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgeryLima, E; Rolanda, C; Pêgo, JM; Henriques-Coelho, T; Silva, D; Osório, L; Moreira, I; Carvalho, JL; Correia-Pinto, J
2012Transesophageal pulmonary lobectomy with single transthoracic port assistance: study with survival assessment in a porcine modelMoreira-Pinto, J; Ferreira, A; Miranda, A; Rolanda, C; Correia-Pinto, J
2006Transvesical endoscopic peritoneoscopy: a novel 5 mm port for intra-abdominal scarless surgery.Lima, E; Rolanda, C; Pêgo, JM; Henriques-Coelho, T; Silva, D; Carvalho, JL; Correia-Pinto, J
2006Transvesical endoscopic peritoneoscopy: intra-abdominal scarless surgery for urologic applicationsLima, E; Rolanda, C; Correia-Pinto, J
2012Transvesical route for NOTES urological applications: advances & controversiesLima, E; Rolanda, C; Correia-Pinto, J
2007Transvesical thoracoscopy: A natural orifice translumenal endoscopic approach for thoracic surgeryLima, E; Henriques-Coelho, T; Rolanda, C; Pêgo, JM; Silva, D; Carvalho, JL; Correia-Pinto, J